Music/Cleaning House

I love music. But it does trigger so many raw emotions for me. I can be stopped absolutely dead in my tracks no matter what I’m doing when a certain song comes on. I know most people experience this same thing. It’s one of the things that makes music so important in a culture. It touch’s us on some deep connective level and has the ability to transport us from where we are to where it takes us.

I like to listen to music when I am cleaning my house. It helps me stay in the mode of getting it done. Except for lately it seems I just end up sobbing through whatever I’m doing whether it’s cleaning the showers, vacuuming, changing the sheets on the bed or mopping the floor.

I find myself just stopping and thinking about my parents and how much I miss them. I will catch myself getting lost in memories that are being stirred up by whatever music is playing. I will look at photos I have all over the place. I like having family photos around my house but I don’t always stop and look at them…In fact I sometimes go out of my way to NOT look at them.

But, when the music is on and I am dusting I can’t help but pick up photo’s and stare at them and have all the feelings just come spilling out. I don’t consider this a bad thing… In fact It’s probably good to let it all out.

But damn it makes for a long day of cleaning.

Published by Andrea

My name is Andrea and I am 57 years old. I have recently lost both my parents 7 months apart. It has rocked my world and I am trying to navigate this whole being an orphan thing. I realize I was very fortunate to have my parents for as long as I did but, losing them has changed everything for me. Grief has many shapes and that’s what I’m going to be sharing on my blog.

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